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Classic Cambridge Satchel Can Transfer the Thick Wilderness Amorous Feelings

Added 22/3/2012

When the wind blows from cheap Cambridge Satchel blows in the wilderness, a special think what's also don't dry, really this back the embrace of rural nature, a good and a warm family through the winter of memorable holiday. Full of north American cowboy flavor of the Marlboro Classics 07/08 winter clothing, has described above the atmosphere, especially, real life when people must in the cold of the winter cold makes in, then if can wear shuttle in the city in the inertial trip, to cover on the handsome warm Marlboro Classics jacket from the cold, on the one hand, also think about the winter holiday how to arrange through, even if it is hard work, the in the mind also feel immediately comforted.

Therefore, qiu dong new clothes to recommend to you the patron saint solemnly, it is a Marlboro Classics proud leather jacket and waist width coat, this is also the most the most classical style brand, for Marlboro Classics of men's clothing series has been using natural concept, handmade natural flavor, gift leather complaisant and is instead of solid sense, also can achieve admirable warm warm function, quite suitable for does not love trival collocation superficial gas the face of police in their mother, and Marlboro Classics unique wear old sense personalized design style, also a memorable.

Long coat, military rainproof dust coat, jacket, thick sweater, work pants, and so on, this one season to the western United States same men in the outdoor life and work for design inspiration, canvas jacket, washed down the clothes, with thick coat color, all USES deep tonal elaborate, such as indigo blue, green, blue, red wine, green and gray and black, again tie-in ochre, orange, or red light is as such as makeup dot; According to practice shirt in Marlboro Classics of the classic case grain, narrow stripe, or tapered design for fundamental key, combined with the western clipping, the ornament of details pocket design agitation, bring positive but not stubborn style. Pants version, with expansion of cloth to make a classic five bag trousers, the men wear to appear slender and not lose intimacy, tie-in and waist width short jacket, appear very handsome, and also is very suitable for men in life will be wearing.

In this season of Scotland tartanspirit amorous feelings of the grid has a special liking, make the grid and wedding dresses perfect combination, besides fashionable fashionable feeling, more is permeated with a different region amorous feelings.

The real beauty of style restoring ancient ways is incomparably classical Cambridge Satchel bag, and restore ancient ways adorn article is will classical beauty and prosperous together, let your eyes produce a mirage dream of scene.

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The Interesting Tide between Women and Cambridge Satchel

Added 22/3/2012

The early years, women are like some small or some luxury bags, lv, Gucci may be their love bags. At that time there was no brand, of nobility and baseness but also have the points.

But now, the Cambridge Satchel has become a fashion trend, many people all want to own it. My friends all say that can bring them to their beautiful school years.

Then it is a counterfeit "pocket". Folk to the wind of palace noble for fashion. Women do not exceed the gate, ErMen out, only in this small pouch in hard, how to do the wind HuaXue month, tied to living the man's heart, if the man have a three wife and four of his concubine, this pouch is more takes time.

A generation of this down, female people slowly began to carry a small package to travel, like Western Europe in the last century painting ladies, supporting small umbrella, supporting the umbrella small arms hung on a exquisite bag, this is probably now say "arm candy", the so-called arm's plaything, noble and elegant. That is, women go out, in addition to jewelry besides, more important is to have a fashionable bag hangs over the arms. The century of women with small bag of what is not known is probably some spices smoke lipid.

Bag bag has become a female people go out of a costume, a signboard, to name a woman face bag is, in general, women, is for a living the hustle and bustle of convenient use.
Bag bag, the things inside became men free time to think of the sky. Men can't imagine, in that in their brain in deep does not see the bottom in the bag, why women can freely touch what appear to need as when the things. Bag bag in another sense has become the close-fitting underwear woman, and back to the "pouch" era, if the man to turn over a woman's casual bags, like to unlock the woman's underwear to see the pouch, become let a man embarrassed matter.

A big bag of the season's fashion, touched down, may just grab a wallet, a box of smoke fat, stack the daughter card, including beauty, fitness, and MP4; Then touching, perhaps a touch of missed some of the comprehensive piece of vitamins, a few a plum. A few of the leak down I do not know when the COINS, a do not know when at KFC after you use the napkin package into it. Then puffed up some, and may still have box of condoms in the bag lying quietly. This is that did not know for what life of young girls bags, the shape of the bag as it hung cartoon one, young, make public.

A delicate bags, sedate appearance, zipper also dangerous, layered put things, have a credit card, id, Mr Drove certificate and etc files; Eyebrow pencil, lipstick, with a small screen bag well for important occasions when to go to the bathroom with a. A small file this, remember important things to remind, a cell phone, sometimes also put on some documents, open the bag when be clear at a glance, and clear clear. Of course, in the bag of the most inside there may be ZhangJiuNian postcard, the word is still clear, emotion is already fuzzy. Sometimes that touch a already grind the hand catenary of smooth, is the first lover played after countless work for it. Been worn smooth not only chain, and love as a rock at the oath.

The other is the urgent to hurry to woman, bag is to hold in the hand of the general, a little wrinkle. If the bag is to have life, and that it is also didn't wake up was the master called up, wash face is not just move on. Bag bag inside like shanty towns, helter-skelter stuffed full, have id, temporary residence permits, a notebook, it randomly randomly record some information, hire, relatives, the wife of shop-owner barber shop next door, so that someone to phone absence can under the first called; And want to hand in cost list, and the last time when cold the doctor prescribed prescription, to save money is from already pharmacies to buy some medicine and not in the hospital medicine. And a home's letter, the son of primary school grade five crooked said judge on "three good student", in the tired total take out tiny smile to see see.

And only fast bald lipstick, ten yuan in small shop. Morning had not finished eating the baozi, and the rest of the turtle also with stuffed in it. The four corners of the bag has grind some white.

Cambridge Satchels are so natural and life, because the woman life is wonderful and bumpy, women's life will always come up with bag, and the bag in a lot of moment life and also represents the woman's life

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As If Cambridge Satchel Bring You to Victorian Times

Added 16/3/2012

Cambridge Satchel can be used regardless of sex, and at the same time, cambridge satchel also attract a wider layer consumer, Kenneth from London purchased a turquoise because only the 11 "after Cambridge pack said:" thank god, so that the old things can now exists, and from the material to the style it is so perfect, it reminds me of the grade one time only match colors bag!"

Julie is not without worry, Cambridge Satchel is faced with the problem is simple: how long will this wind blow? The relative single product is the company's largest malaises. But no matter what, Cambridge of mother and daughter were small mill products, in no foresee, nostalgic taste, the center of the people was the street pats, be invited cooperation, were taken into big fashion week, and then be the world as IT Bag, borrowing fashion a stream of unsolicited dongfeng development and expansion, this may be the most lively fashion this year's story, anyway the tuition is children should earn enough.

Christmas 2010, the guardian, a British newspaper, the Cambridge pack listed into the Christmas gift guide, the title was "intellectuals". Then, usually only a dozen order on Saturday, Julie cell phone has been received orders notice, she thought it was a computer system fault, return the home she found that more than 70 orders without any mistakes.
Network department store ASOS. Com of buy hand d kay Brown (Vikki Brown) in an interview, in January 2011 to June, Cambridge packages have nobody to leap up from ASOS sales of second, if supply will be able to keep up with, get to the first name is also possible.

For Chinese consumers, 2010 summer begins, they also can be in even the carver to buy to Cambridge bag and, so far, even the carver has already sold 500 only. Even the carver pr LiChen in accept the first financial weekly "interviews that, Cambridge pack a loading will be fully subscribed, root no sale season.

Cambridge satchel has many features. Rebellious, it has unusual beauty or cambridge satchels; they are fashion, the top has all kinds of luxury, but disruptive to mix wear, to highlight his style for purpose. Confidence arrogant sense of humor, high-profile attitude, despise tone. Costly is not so necessary, if you are not particularly rich, then Cambridge satchel is your best choice.

article resource: http://www.cambridge-satchels.com

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